For decades, people discovered Sam's Town Point the same way Christopher Columbus "discovered" America: by accident – while lost. Camouflaged by a wooded neighborhood beyond Slaughter and Manchaca, where the road in looks like the road out, the venue exists as the South Pole of Austin's musical axis. Lately, the city's least visible venue – geographically speaking – has emerged as a happening scene. 

While others chase the zeitgeist of Austin, Sam’s Town Point exudes a lowfalutin’ creative fortitude that’s refreshingly real. 

An anachronism in contemporary Austin, Sam's lacks glossy modern architecture, serves no craft cocktails( FACT CHECK SAYS THIS IS FALSE), and brags no contrived concept. It feels like old Austin because Penny Grossman and her family have run it as a working-class neighborhood joint since 1981. And yet, beyond its beige walls and value-brand hamburger buns, STP isn't frozen in time. Over the past FIVE years, a community of artists and associates captained by eclectic songster Ramsay Midwood have focused their ingenuity into transforming the sprawling property into a homey event space. 

While others chase the zeitgeist of Austin, Sam's Town Point exudes a lowfalutin' creative fortitude that's refreshingly real. Spend some time poking around the compound and you'll know what makes it special: the people.